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Jury hears Hungarian woman died during an argument about an immigration scam

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Shrieking: Alexandra Kovacs was killed as her lover Laszlo Gyarmati tried to stop her talking, a court has heard today

Shrieking: Alexandra Kovacs was killed as her lover Laszlo Gyarmati tried to stop her talking, a court has heard today

A MAN from Finchley accidentally killed his lover during a row over their plot to marry Hungarian woman to non-UK nationals seeking a visa, a court heard today.

The naked body of 25-year-old Alexandra Kovacs was discovered by police in a large black suitcase in a wooded area of the Dollis Valley Green Walk, in Thornfield Avenue, Mill Hill, on July 20.

Laszlo Gyarmati, 29, of Station Road, claims Ms Kovacs died after he forced a pillow over her face as he tried to stop her “shrieking” during their argument in the early hours of July 18 last year.

Gyarmati from Station Road, Finchley, admits unlawfully killing Ms Kovacs at her home in Lee Road, Mill Hill, but denies murder.

Today Gyarmati told the Old Bailey that he and Ms Kovacs, who he had known for three months, had cooked up the scheme to organise marriages between foreign nationals and Hungarian women.

On the night of the alleged murder, the pair had gone to a chicken shop before returning to her home where they had sex.

They then began discussing their immigration scam, when Ms Kovacs, who is believed to herself have been involved in a sham marriage, said she had identified a 20-year-old Hungarian woman, who spoke no English, who they could use in their plot.

Gyarmati told the court that he had expressed doubts about the plan, but that Ms Kovacs had continued to try to discuss it.

“What wound me up was that I told her this was not going to work and she did say that it was going to work and she did say that she knew better,” the Hungarian told the court.

He said that he had asked her to stop talking about the subject, and when she refused, he put his hand over her mouth to “shut her mouth completely”.

“First I lay next to her and that is how I tried to shut her mouth so she was free to kick about.

“She kicked the window and she kicked the radiator. She kicked into everything.”

He added: “She was very loud.”

Gyarmati, who admitted having taken cannabis and recreational drug MDMA on the night, said that when he took his hand off her face, Ms Kovacs let out a shriek.

He said: “I got hold of her throat so that she shut up.

“When I got hold of her throat she was unable to speak.

“I didn’t think I squeezed that hard.”

After hearing a door opening, and mistakenly thinking it was the door to Ms Kovacs' room, Gyarmati put a pillow over her face and held it there in his left hand, while his right hand remained on her throat.

“I wanted to make sure that she was silent. I heard her shriek. I got frightened,” he told the court.

He said that after removing the pillow he was not immediately aware that Ms Kovacs was dead.

He said: “First I thought she was unconscious. I thought she had fainted. I wanted to wake her up but she didn’t wake up.

“I shook her as if I had wanted to wake her up from a sleep.”

The case continues.

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